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The Certified Seawind 300C


View the Seawind in flight!

The World's Most Versatile Land Plane

The World's Fastest Seaplane

Manufactured Exclusively by Sea Air Composites, Inc.

The Seawind Aircraft is a perfect union of form and function.  The sleek flowing lines make it the most striking of land or seaplanes. 

We have developed the world's best and fastest four/five-place amphibian.

The spacious cabin, with its panoramic view, quiet environment, and form fitting seats is all combined to create total traveling comfort.  The cabin accommodates four adults or a family of five with three children.

Whether your mission is cross country travel or a business trip to the city, Seawind does it all - fast.  The structural integrity and versatility of a high-performance amphibian makes the Seawind the go-anywhere aircraft.  The cost of the Seawind is comparable to any four-place, composite, land plane despite its superlative structural integrity.

Use the Seawind to get you there - wherever 'there' may be.

Expand Your Horizons with the Seawind 300C

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